"The state of the field in Hungarian Shakespeare Studies"


Shakespeare Conference

Viral Shakespeare

We are inviting academics, teachers, translators, artists, theatre practitioners as well as PhD and MA level students of Shakespeare-related subjects to participate at our eight biennial Shakespeare conference in Szeged, on 7-9th October 2021.

Following our tradition, we would like to facilitate discussions that help individuals in shaping their projects, and we would also like to offer ground for our community to think and talk about the problems we have to tackle in an academic environment facing new challenges. There are diverse ways in which you can participate: presenting a 20-minute conference paper, presenting a project in 20 minutes, or registering as an auditing participant. We especially appreciate and encourage project presentations, recommended primarily for PhD students or scholars who would like to share the outlines of larger projects, including their dilemmas and questions.

The title of our conference this year is "Viral Shakespeare", reflecting on the presence and potential uses of the Shakespearean heritage during pandemic times (e.g. the phenomenon of multiple Shakespeare-related online events ranging from Zoom performances to conferences and discussions), as well as the positive and negative aspects of the viral nature of Shakespeare's texts both in early modern and present day Renaissance canons, and in the humanities in general. Panels will be organized into English and Hungarian sessions, so contributions may be submitted and presented in either of these languages, but we encourage presentations in English. Please think of the way in which you would like to contribute to this conference, fill in the registration sheet at this link and submit before July 20th.

Please consider that a written version of the planned presentations or projects should be sent prior to the conference, by September 20th, so that respondents also have time to prepare.

Guests and speakers who have confirmed their participation: Almási Zsolt, Fernando Cioni, Dávidházi Péter, Antoine Ertlé, Fabiny Tibor, Földváry Kinga, Patrick Gray, Gerard Kilroy, Zenón Luis-Martínez, Péti Miklós, P. Müller Péter, Pikli Natália, Ruttkay Veronika, Szőnyi György Endre.

Looking forward to your application and meeting you in Szeged: Attila Kiss and Ágnes Matuska, organizers.

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